Program and Abstracts (pdf format)

16th Feb. Friday

17th Feb. Saturday

Poster Presentation

PS01 Kouichi Toda, Tadashi Kobayashi Higher-Dimensional Nonlinear Integrable Equations with Variable Coefficients and the Painleve analysis
PS02 Rei Inoue The Space of Observables for Classical Integrable Systems with Algebro-Geometric Method
PS03 Kazuaki Nakayama Discretization of Vortex Filament
PS04 Wael Farouk Hamed El-Taibany Nonlinear Quantum Dust Acoustic Waves
PS05 Shintaro Mori Correlation Structure of Infectious Default Model
PS06 Taro Nagao Replica Method and Sample Covariance Matrices
PS07 Naomi Hirayama Effects of Topological Constraint for Elasticity of Polymer Networks
PS08 Ryo Suzuki Sine-Gordon Integrability of Classical String Solution on AdS_5×S^5
PS09 Hideaki Ujino A Super-Integrable Discretization of the Calogero Model
PS10 Takuji Sakamoto Classification of the Ultra-Discrete QRT System
PS11 Reiho Sakamoto Crystal Interpretation of the Kerov-Kirillov-Reshetikhin bijection and N-Soliton Solutions of the Box-Ball Systems
PS12 Akira Takenouchi Bethe Ansatz and Periodic Box-Ball Systems
PS13 Takashi Imamura Dynamical Properties of a Tagged Particle in the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with the Step-Type Initial Condition
PS14 Chikashi Arita Phase Diagram of the Two-Species TASEP
PS15 Tetsu Yajima Conservation Laws of Integrable Equations As Kolmogorov's Equation
PS16 Takahiko Miyakawa Interaction of Bright Solitons in Spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
PS17 Tetsuo Kurosaki Propagation of General Bright Solitons in F=1 Spinor Condensates
PS18 Masaru Uchiyama Solitons of F=2 Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates
PS19 Toshiaki Iida One-Dimensional Delta-Function Fermions with Imbalanced Spin Populations
PS20 Xi-Wen Guan Bethe Ansatz and Generalized Exclusion Statistics of One-Dimensional Strongly Interacting Anyons
PS21 Mari Matsuo Analytic Calculation of One Dimensional Tunneling Current Using Nonequilibrium Green's Function
PS22 Yuichi Nakamura Zeros of the Dispersion Relation of the Elementary Excitation and the Correlation Length of Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems
PS23 Masahiro Shiroishi String Correlation Functions of Spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ Chain
PS24 Jun Sato Exact Correlation Functions of Spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain
PS25 Kohei Motegi Some Remarks on Classical Dynamical Equation
PS26 Akinori Nishino The sl2 Loop Algebra Symmetry of the XXZ-Type Spin Chain Associated with the Superintegrable Chiral Potts Model
PS27 Tetsuo Deguchi Irreducibility Criterion of a Highest Weight Representation of the sl(2) Loop Algebra and the XXZ Spin Chain at Roots of Unity
PS28 Keiichi Shigechi Generalized Loop Models and Affine Hecke Algebras
PS29 Shohei Watabe Effect of Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensation on Molecular Conversion Efficiencies